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Our Story

Nick Wang, a 12 years experienced sushi chef came to the end of his decision to start his own business, after years of journey being sushi executive chef in a high end restaurant in Manhattan, NY. He was once a graduate of Business & Trading Administration who eventually found his true passion in food.

The opportunity came as he was hire as sushi chef's apprentice in Hatsu Hana, NY in 1998. He continuously progressing his skill and soon become a chef of his own and coordinate after new comer. After 6 years of service, Chef Wang made his first step in business. He became a co-owner of one of the biggest restaurant group in Manhattan.

Still passionate about creating art through edible media, he spent his years of co-ownership at Aja, one of the high end restaurant located in Upper East Side, training & trading other chefs and junior chefs to perfection. Today we can be sure to meet him at his self made restaurant on full time schedule, making sure each guests experience a wonderful time at AKO.



Sunday - Thursday: 12PM – 10PM
Friday - Saturday: 12PM – 11PM